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Residential Townhouses

South Carolina Custom Residential Townhouses

Working with a limited budget, we created this two-story building based on the idea of constructing a series of lateral two bedroom units stacked directly over one another rather than designing a conventional row of apartments.  With an open floor plan, each unit is equipped with a large great room and an adjoining kitchen to allow flexibility and to create spatial generosity.

This unique building is composed of a series of four units grouped around a common porch with each unit having an entry through its own front door.  Additionally, each unit also has its own large porch allowing the tenants to enjoy both the privacy and the connection to the community more commonly associated with conventional home ownership.  Hip and gable roofs are alternated at these porches to add rhythm as well as to break-up the mass of the long building.

Due to the building’s design, including the elimination of the need for elevators, there are no dark corners or common public areas not under the view of other residents.  Despite the very low construction budget, this challenge was met by the design of a simple building containing a lot of great features that have resulted in a safe and secure living environment for the tenants and a fully rented property for the owner.