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Montreaux Bar & Patio

Enjoying the Weather with an Outdoor Patio!

Nothing is nicer than sitting outside, enjoying a cold beverage at the end of the day. And in South Carolina, our mild winters means our patios can be used almost all year round!

The Montreaux Bar, located in downtown Summerville, had lots of charm, a regular clientele, but not enough space. What about converting the underused delivery-oriented back yard into an outdoor patio?  With a big new outdoor bar, complete with lots of seating, on tap beer and several big TVs? And new clean bathrooms? The dream was born!

A outdoor room is created by edging the sides of the patio with planters topped with trellises and framing the back side with the new bar building.

While we love our warm weather in South Carolina, we also appreciate a breeze with a bit of shade for cooling in the summer months.  Luckily we had several large trees along the sides and rear of the patio which provide nice shade. In addition, the umbrellas at each table, and the fans mounted on the trellises create a very comfortable exterior patio experience.

Exposed brick walls with wood ceilings are good finishes to create the character of a welcoming comfortable bar while proving durability in an unconditioned building.