It may not seem like much to the world at large, but putting up our first job site signs was a big deal for us! For us, it meant we were on our way to becoming the office we dreamed of. We not only took pictures of the the signs, but we had to take our pictures standing beside the signs to send to our mothers!

When we needed to order our first job signs, first we had to research what sign materials and design concept would fit our budget. Our first ideas for the signs had to be completely scrapped as they were much too big, and far too elaborate for our budget. But they looked great! When you start a new practice, you want to be both budget conscious, but also make sure you are making choices that give the best first impression of your new business. Once we sorted out our practical limitations, we then designed a sign, got a mock up done to ensure the colors would be accurate, and then ordered 5 signs.

Swallowtail Architecture job sign installation

The post hole digger made a very narrow hole. That way we didn’t leave a mess for our clients.

Assembly of the Swallowtail Architecture job sign

First Step: Bolting the sign to the post

We decided we could install the signs ourselves, but were still surprised to find the signs had to be assembled before we could go out and dig the post holes. Add a trip to Lowes for the post hole digger, bolts and white paint to cover the bolt heads before we were finally ready to get our signs up. My beloved husband was a tree planter as a young man, and that digging experience was put to good use. He had the holes dug in minutes and the signs up very quickly. We installed 3 new job site signs, all on Sullivan’s Island in one morning.