On the coast, its hard to find a good solution for a porch floor when you consider ease of installation, appearance, cost, and ongoing maintenance. What should you select? Wood? Brick? Composite wood?

For a coastal home, wood porch floors are the preferred choice. But even though wood porch floors look great, they require a lot of maintenance. Many people select ipe wood, as it looks great and does not require much maintenance, unless you don’t want the silvery look; then, it too will require on going maintenance to keep it a rich deep color.

For many years I have avoided composite products as I did not like the color options or thin depth of the material; I thought they looked too fake. Lately I have been reconsidering as I recently used Zuri decking on a home on Sullivan’s Island. This photo does not do justice to the color, which is has a gray distressed look. Best of all, the Zuri deck boards are 1″ thick, so the edges look finished and solid.

Check it out. It’s my new favorite exterior deck product!