Designing A Dream Home

Guidebooks, Factsheets, and Videos to Help You Design, Plan, and Build Your Dream Home

If you are considering designing and building a home in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina start with these free resources created by Swallowtail Architecture.  We’ve compiled this information for our clients, prospective clients, and anyone who feels the draw of living on the coast of South Carolina.  We cover topics such as how to approach your design: what size and type of home will suite your needs now and in the future and meet your budget.  We discuss how to find and hire an architect to lead your home design project and how to maximize your collaboration with your architect.  We also detail the requirements of building in a coastal environment, including the added costs of weather-related reinforcements and special materials that can stand up to the environment.  We also understand the many quirks and challenges of designing homes that fit into the local community, which is why we detail best practices for working with the design review boards in the communities outside of Charleston.

The development of a custom home or a whole-house remodel is multi-faceted, but with the guidance of the Swallowtail team, you’ll be toasting your home in no time.

Pool and view of back of the house

Research and Plan how to design a luxury home in a beach and coastal environment

Are you considering designing and building a luxury home in the South Carolina Lowcountry?   The process is very rewarding, but can also be lengthy and has many elements to be considered, which is why Swallowtail Architecture has compiled the best advice of what you need to know when you are getting started.   Make the most of what for many is a once and a lifetime experience of designing a custom home.  Learn about what you need to know when you are first planning a home design project.

Resources and information to find and hire an Architect in the Charleston area

Learn about how to find an Architect that suits your style, budget, and your personality.  Understand architectural fees, the development process, timelines, and how to estimate the cost of your home project.   Maximize your relationship and input with your architect.  These topics and more are covered in our valuable collection of resources for finding, hiring, and working with a South Carolina architect.

Sullivan's Island Architect, Guidebook and Resources for designing and building a custom home.

Building on an Sullivan’s island requires an architect with the expertise of designing for a coastal environment and with the proven experience with the Design Review Board on Sullivan’s. The ‘island effect’ does exist and working with an architectural firm like Swallowtail will help you to maximize your budget. Learn all the ins-and-outs of designing your dream home on Sullivan’s Island.

Free resources and information about house design on Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island

Make Kiawah or Seabrook Islands your home and enjoy the resort-style living and pristine landscape when you build a new home or renovate an existing home. Designing a home for Kiawah or Seabrook requires an architect who can navigate the ARB and who has the knowledge and experience to understand their clients needs and translate those into the design of their dream home.

Work with an expert to design a home for aging in place

Whether you are retro-fitting an existing home or thinking of designing and building a custom, new home for your retirement in the South Carolina Lowcountry, you’ll want to review these resources first. Swallowtail architecture specializes in designing beautiful homes that suite all stages of retirement while maximizes the enjoyment of our serene setting. Learn what you need to know when designing a home for all Phases of life.

Talking With the Architect

These resources have been provided to help you with planning, designing, and building your dream home. Nothing can replace talking directly with an architect. Every client, every lot, every home is different and unique. Seek the advice of a professional.