Free 10-minute Q&A project problem solving for questions like…

How much will my home design project cost?
What do I need to know about about designing a home for a coastal environment?
Who should I be speaking to first, the Builder or the Architect?
What is the architectural design process?
What are the zoning and legal restrictions we should know about in South Carolina?
Are my ideas feasible?

Why Should I Talk to an Architect?

Over 70% of projects go over schedule and over budget or the design becomes so compromised due to a value-engineering process.  Are you concerned you might be making the wrong decisions about your new Lowcountry custom home or renovation project?  Do you feel like experts might be taking advantage of your lack of knowledge?  Are you procrastinating for months or even years or have you rushed ahead without the answers throwing money into a bottomless pit, or worse yet, have you built a home that you don’t love and is not your dream home?

We’re Here to Help

Swallowtail Architecture offers a free, 10 minutes Q& A call with Architect Rachel Burton to review with you your most important questions about engaging with an architect.  On the call we will review the obstacles holding you back and talk about the most important things to know about designing a dream home whether as a retirement home, a vacation home, or your family home.  Rachel will give you her big picture roadmap and outline your next steps.  If she cannot address your specific question she will direct you to someone who can.


With your next steps mapped out you walk away motivated and confidant because you have a clear action plan to move forward. A great project is the result of great planning and eliminating assumptions.  And because you took the time to find the RIGHT answer you are putting solid foundations under your future project.

Being proud you created a special space for yourself or your family is a wonderful feeling–we want you to have that feeling in the home of your dreams. Not only do you end up with a better result, but your project is a more likely to have been delivered on time and on budget.

Rachel, The Architect

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