Serene Update to Coastal Home

Coastal Modern Renovation on Sullivan’s Island

Tucked away behind the thriving business district on Sullivan’s are quiet residential streets with homes that have an easy walk to Poe’s or Beardcats Sweet Shop. Our clients bought one of these prime location homes with a fantastic view of the marsh across the road. Although the rooms were relatively small, the house had good bones. All it needed to be turned it into a graceful island retreat was a modernization of the interior and exterior, as well as a small addition to create a new master bathroom.

We had 3 design goals for this renovation:

1) Create a Master Bathroom

We accomplished this by enclosing one of the bays on the second story porch. By designing this new space out of what was once exterior space, we created a new, high amenity bathroom including free standing soaking tub that is tucked behind a pair of antique barn style doors.

2) Transform the House into a Calm Retreat

Inspired by luxury low-country with a bit of glamour, we updated the interior color scheme, material palate, and fixtures. The exterior spaces were refreshed, including the pool and deck. Comfortable furnishings and a goal to create easier indoor/outdoor living was accomplished in a serene, relaxed home that serves as the family’s island retreat.

3) Update the Homes Floor Plan for Modern Living

We created family-friendly rooms to facilitate easy cooking, dining, and places to hang out by opening up the kitchen to the family and dining rooms. To accommodate the active family, we used durable finishes. We repurposed a 3rd floor bedroom into a new den, creating more space for the family to spread out in.  Complete with satellite kitchen with refrigerator and access to the 3rd floor sun deck, the new den is perfect for entertaining and enjoying the amazing diagonal view to the marsh.  On the kitchen wall of the den we used a tile with an opalescent sheen to create a feature wall and to blend this utilitarian area in with the overall design of serenity and calm.

Image Gallery

View of three story porches on Sullivan's renovation
Salvaged doors open to master bath addition on balcony
Third floor sun deck with marsh view

Before Image Gallery

Third floor deck before
During constrcution and the addition of master bath onto a second story deck
Dark Stairwell before renovation
Before picture of home exterior