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We specialize in architecture on Sullivan’s Island, Kiawah Island, and in the Lowcountry around Charleston, South Carolina.
We specialize in architecture on Sullivan’s Island, Kiawah Island, Summerville and in the Lowcountry around Charleston, South Carolina. Our familiarity with the Zoning Ordinances and proven experience with creating designs that win approval from the local Boards of Design Review, means you get the best advice and best design solution so you can build a beautiful and functional home, exactly as you dreamed.

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Are you thinking of building a home on Kiawah Island? The peaceful, natural setting of Kiawah Island is valued both as a location for vacation and second homes, as well as year-round living. Before you consider building on Kiawah Island, you need to read our Kiawah Island Building Guide. Click the green button to get instant access to this free, downloadable guide.

Architecture from a Small Design Firm

Architect Rachel Burton opened Swallowtail Architecture, a small design firm specializing in custom residential architecture and boutique commercial architecture, in 2011.

In order to design homes that clearly matched her client’s wish list and budget, her vision was to create a design office implementing a unique process of project management which included direct personal attention to all of her clients through the entire design process, complimentary consultation with an interior designer on lighting, finishes and colors and thorough pre-design analysis. This process gives each client the best information at each decision point, allowing them time to consider their options and make their best decision. The final result is a growing list of deeply satisfied homeowners who thoroughly enjoy their life in their beautiful, well designed, thoughtfully considered homes.

Design with a Feminine Point of View

Swallowtail’s Architect Rachel Burton, AIA, loves creating spaces that are the centerpiece of a good home. Her feminine intuition and a holistic design approach synthetizes function, aspiration and aesthetics so her rooms are easy and comfortable to use, and a joy to live in.

We have all heard of architects who design what they want and create kitchens that are difficult to use, or bathrooms with inadequate space and light for personal grooming. Now imagine working with an architect who listens to you, and gives special attention to the practical and aesthetic design of the kitchens, master bathrooms, and other private spaces. You will fully enjoy cooking and hanging out in your kitchen and your master suite will make every day feel like a day at the spa.

Download Our Free Guide: How to Hire an Architect

Are you thinking of hiring an Architect? Working with an architect from the beginning will add the greatest value to your investment and ensure a successful project. To find your perfect match in an architect, consider the points in our Report that can guide you along the way. Use these tips to help you
analyze the qualifications, design strengths and weaknesses and communication skills of your candidates. Your goal is to find the right architect for your project and for you!

Character Lots

Many architects can design a nice home on a decent lot. But most lots are more than just decent and require an architect like Rachel Burton, with expertise in Character Lots. Many lots have a unique feature or distinct character that makes the design of a home on that site more difficult as that unique character must be integrated into the design of the home. Maybe the site has significant live oak trees, or magnificent views of the marsh or ocean or both, or has an existing historic cottage that cannot be demolished. Or perhaps the site has a very unusual shape, or is in the historic district with zoning bylaws created to protect the district.

Rachel Burton has special skill and expertise with design on Character Lots. Her designs will allow you to maximize the potential of your lot, so that when you look at your home one year after all the construction is finished you will say “My home fits so perfectly, it looks like it belongs here and was always meant to be here.”

Architecture for Flexible Living

Never before in human history has our planet contained so many older people, or such a large percentage of them. The percentage of older adults will increase as the Baby Boomers turn 60. The housing needs of this large cohort are different from the needs of a young couple or a family with children.

They think about issues like low maintenance, accessibility, flexibility, low operational cost, and ease of use. But while older Americans may need flexibility and accessibility in the design of their homes, they do not want their homes to look or feel different. Rachel Burton, AIA loves to work with homeowners who retire and want to build a home to fit their new lifestyle. Rachel designs to integrate features for flexible living into beautiful comfortable homes that can accommodate life’s changes over time.

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Are you thinking of working with an Architect? Our free report offers a checklists on selecting an architect and what information you will need to give your architect, as well as explanations about different qualifications, architectural fees and value.

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