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Are you thinking of hiring an Architect? Are you trying to find the best architect for your house design within your budget?  Are you trying to find how much an architect costs?  Learn this and more through our collection of free guidebooks and simple factsheets that detail everything you need to know to find an architect and how to hire and then work best with your architect.   Use this information to help you
 analyze the qualifications, design strengths and weaknesses, and communication skills of your candidates. Your goal is  to not just find an architect for your project, but to find the right architect who will ensure a successful home design project and who will add the greatest value to your dream and investment.

These resources have been provided to help you with finding the best architect for your Charleston area project by the Swallowtail team of Architects.  Designing homes for the Lowcountry requires a specialization not only in the style of homes in the area, but an understanding of the communities and what fits and what will get approval from the local design review boards.  Designing homes for a coastal environment requires an adherence to the highest standards and best practices to withstand the environment while embracing the beauty of the landscape to maximize the pleasure of living on the Barrier Islands.  Enjoy these resources and we you are ready to start, contact Swallowtail Architecture about your project.

Free Resources and Guidebooks from the Architect

Tips for finding an Architect

8 Essential Tips for How to Hire an Architect

Designing and building a custom new home or completing a whole house renovation is a major undertaking. You want an architect who understands you and your goals. You want an architect that you can work well with who’s professional and has a proven process that will keep you within your budget. After all, you’ll be relying on your architect to deliver on your hopes and dreams for your new home, so finding the right architect is key to the success of any project. We created this free guide to help inform our clients about what to ask, what to consider, what to look at, and who to talk to find an architect and hire an architect.

How Much Does An Architect Cost?

Free factsheet: How Much Does an Architect Cost?This factsheet gives you all the information you need to know to understand how the fee structure works when engaging an architect. Familiarize yourself with the different arrangements that are available like hourly fees versus set fees versus percentages.

An Architect’s Credentials

Free factsheet, Understanding an Architect's CredentialsArchitects receive many years of specialized education in order to produce quality designs and plans. Architects must also be licensed and maintain continuing education. Learn the differences and the value of the different credentials and qualifications in this factsheet.

How Architect’s Add Value

Free factsheet, What Does an Architect Do? How Do They Add Value?Do I really need an Architect? What value will they bring to my home design project? Specialization has many benefits, including the years of experience Architects have in determining how to best deliver for you a dream home in a plan that can actually be built. In this factsheet learn the value an Architect will bring to your project.

What Architect’s Needs From You

Free factsheet, Tips for Working with an ArchitectMaximize the working relationship you have with your architect by reading this factsheet. Being proactive and knowing what you need to do will ensure your project runs smoothly. Plus, if an Architect isn’t asking you for these items, consider looking for another professional.


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What Type of Project Are You Considering?

Knowing your architectural style will help you to narrow down the search for an architect for your project.

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Restore and Re-imagine

Find an Architect to restore and renovate my historic home
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From Rachel’s Desk

News and Information to help you find an Architect and hire the best architect for your project.

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