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Congratulations on starting the process to live the dream in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry.  Planning and preparing your new home design or renovation of an existing home takes time and you are off to a great start to understanding all of the steps that are involved.  Learn how to maximize your relationship with your Architect by evaluating and being able to articulate your goals.  Be prepared by discovering how the architectural development process works.  Align your budget with your goals.  Our collection of free resources will show you how to accomplish all of this and to achieve the best design for your dream home.

These resources have been provided to help you plan and prepare for engaging an architect to design your dream home.  Whether you are considering a completely new built home or an extensive renovation of a well-loved home, nothing can replace talking directly with an architect about your home design.  Every client, every project, every family is different and unique. Seek the advice of a professional at the beginning of your project. When you are you ready, we invite you to review our series of free information about finding, hiring, and working with an architect? If you have any questions about your project, contact Swallowtail Architecture.

Free Resources and Guidebooks from the Architect

Free Guide: How to Prepare for Your Home Design Project

How to Prepare for a Design Project by First Understanding Your Goals

Discover the roadmap and timetables to designing and building your dream home. How to prepare for your home design project by first completing a self assessment of your goals and needs for your project. This free resources contains helpful checklists, tells you how to create a brief before engaging a design professional, and how to help your designer and builder understand who you are.

Free Guide: Your Dream Home Starts Here. Planning the design of your home

Your Dream Homes Starts Here: Everything You Need to Know and Expect During the Process

Start by understanding the terminology of the architectural development process. Learn how to budget for your luxury dream home.  Understand the architects role and how to ask the right questions of yourself and of the architect .  Finish up by taking our readiness assessment quiz.   BONUS section of the best architects, designers, engineers, lawyers, surveyors for designing and building your dream home in the Lowcountry.

Are you just getting started and have questions for an Architect?  Schedule a free, 10 minute Q&A with Architect Rachel Burton.

The best architect in the Charleston area for bespoke architecture, Rachel Burton, AIA

Determining Your Style

This is a collection of homes in several different architectural styles from our Portfolio.  We invite you to take a look around to determine what style of home you are interested in.

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News and Information about Hiring the Best Architect for your Project

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