Starting a Home Design Project

Guide Cover, Your Dream Home Starts Here. Planning the design of your home

‘Your Dream Home Starts Here’

Avoid Budget Blowout and Homeowner Worry By Becoming Informed

There’s a lot to know when you are first starting a home design project.  Success or failure of your entire project is often determined before the first nail is hit by how good the planning has been.  That is why we created this right track planning pack.  According to research 70% of coastal Lowcountry homes run over budget. The #1 cause is homeowners and architects rushing to the design phase before all the research and analysis has been completed. This is like a doctor rushing to surgery before they have a diagnosis. An out of control project is stressful, massively expensive, and unnecessary.  Avoid unnecessary budget blow out and worry by using this FREE guide to starting a home design project in the Lowcountry for your custom home or renovation.

Our goal is to help you achieve certainty (in all facets) by eliminating potential surprises and/or risk points. We’re excited to offer this guide to help you achieve a home that you can be proud of. Here is what you will receive in this free guide:

  1. A project roadmap that shows you each of the major steps of the architectural process
  2. Costs guide worksheet to give you a ball park estimation for your project
  3. Architect’s Myths and Realities
  4. Cutting questions to find the best architect for your project
  5. Insightful questions to ask yourself
  6. Questionnaire to see if your ready to move to the next phase
  7. Directory of experts who can help you at each stage

Fill out the form below to tell us a little about you and your project and we’ll put the guidebook in the mail to you–sorry no P.O. Boxes. Order Today – Hard Copy Delivered By Mail To Your Home Or Office Within 7 Days.