//How to Get Realistic Construction Cost for Your Lowcountry Home?

How to Get Realistic Construction Cost for Your Lowcountry Home?

Compiling a realistic budget figure for building in the Lowcountry takes a bit of work but if done correctly, sets you up for a successful project.  It is essential that you determine your budget at the beginning of the project to avoid great disappoint, or worse, radical re-design during construction that alters your dream of the perfect home for you and your family.  So, what are the items you need to consider to get a realistic construction cost for your Lowcountry home?

The largest portion of the budget will be construction cost.  These fees are typically set at a per square foot price, with a range in the Lowcountry from $240 per square foot to $470 per square foot depending on the quality of finishes selected.  Note, porches and extensive outdoor living spaces (typical in luxury home design in the Lowcountry) are often not included in this price per square foot.  This is why it so important to work with a professional architectural firm like Swallowtail Architecture.  We have extensive experience designing homes and understand how to work productively with contractor to get solid cost estimates.

In addition to the cost per square foot for construction, the next tier of expenses will typically be the architect’s professional services fee.  Architect’s fill a pivotal role in every project in addition to the work done directly with the client to determine the design for your home.  They ensure that the trades and professionals are all moving in the same direction for the entirety of the project. For more detail about this topic, check out our Resource section, Finding, Hiring, and Working with an Architect.

Other items you will need to include in your budget:

  • You will need an accurate and up to date survey. A Surveyor can provide you with a survey.
  • You will need to engage a Structural Engineer.
  • You may need to engage a Landscape Architect. It’s best to check if your neighborhood, like Seabrook, Kiawah, and Daniel island, requires a landscape design as part of the submission package.
  • You will probably need a Geo-technical Engineer  to do a soils survey of your property, especially if it is a new neighborhood, or if you are in an area prone to wet soils and flooding.
  • I recommend you work with an Interior Designer for your LowCountry custom home. A professional Interior Designer will help you make the best selections so that all of the selections work together to create cohesive whole. This not only maximizes your investment, it increases your enjoyment and satisfaction with your home.
  • Landscape Costs such as the pool, patio, driveway, fencing, lighting, plantings and grass areas are additional to the cost of construction the home.
  • Consider if you wish to include additional outdoor amenities such as an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or  insect control.
  • People often forget to add the cost of window treatments to their budget.

Taking the time to develop a realistic budget of construction cost before you start your project is the best way to make sure you can build everything on your wish list, and that you will complete  a successful project.

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