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Project Description

Deep-Water Coastal Family Home

Multi-Generational Home for Indoor and Outdoor Living

Situated on the bend of a deep-water creek, this new home is being designed for multi-generational family fun and togetherness.  The family wanted a home to set down roots and to enjoy an indoor and outdoor lifestyle whether pool side or looking out across the water and tidal marshes.  Complete with extensive porches and decks including a third story covered deck, a large front porch, and a side porch with a fireplace that allows you to take in all of the beautiful views.  The design of this home is coastal modern with many of the anticipated traditional details including complex rooflines with peaks, valleys, and eyebrows; as well as modern touches which include streamlined symmetry, horizontal slat louvers at the ground level of this elevated coastal home, as well as clean lines in the window design, banisters, and uprights.

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