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Swallowtail Architecture awarded 2018 Best Architects in Charleston

2018 Best Architects in Charleston Award, awarded by

When Swallowtail Architecture was asked if we wanted to be included on the list of Best Architects in Charleston, we said yes. There are so many sources of information these days about home design professionals and builders, it can be confusing who to trust and what to believe. We always recommend to our perspective clients to talk to several people and check several sources before making the decision about which architect to work with. considers reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism in their curated list of the best architects in Charleston.

Designing a custom home in the Lowcountry of South Carolina involves many things.  You want to not only find an architect with vast experience designing in a coastal environment, but one that suits your design aesthetic and personality.  You will be working with the team of professionals for many months.  On average, the design and development of a new home on the South Carolina coast is 18 months.

The confidence to be lead through the process by a qualified team of architects is invaluable. If you are considering a new build custom home or a major renovation, please consider talking with Principal Architect and Founder of Swallowtail, Rachel Burton before you get started. We offer a free, 10-minute ‘talk to the architect’ and we’d love to discuss your project.