Opening up the Walls of this Historic Building

Demolition is underway at the Fort Moultrie 1890’s Ordinance House project. Removal of the interior walls and finishes always reveals hidden gems in this Sullivan’s Island project to convert the former Ordinance Shop into a residential property.  We’ve found remnants of a past era and previous renovations: the presence of headers where they once had rolling barn style doors, the existence of replacement brick under a bank of windows, and fill in wood framing where once might have been a large opening in the brick.  There’s a simplicity and a beauty in this old craftsmanship including the original arched brick headers we uncovered over the original windows.

Here are some pictures of the interior–see what it looks like after you peel back over one hundred years. If only these walls could talk, the stories they could tell…

End to end view of Fort Moultrie Historic Renovation of Ordinance House