A Delicate Balance

Swallowtail Architecture has been featured on the cover of a new book compiling luxury, modern-style, waterside homes written by Your Modern Cottage. The Gallery House project on Sullivan’s Island was featured in the 2021 issue meant to provide inspiration for all of those seeking a seaside, canal, lake, or other waterside retreat. This book showcases some of the most stunning homes in the U.S. Your Modern Cottage co-founders Jennifer and Rick believe that “while we may not all be able to afford homes in special locations quite like these, we can certainly dream. And we can take what we learn from these homes and apply them to our own modern cottages wherever they may be.”

About Your Modern Cottage

Your Modern Cottage takes you behind the beautiful pictures to explaining the WHY and HOW. Why do I love that space and how can I make it work in my home? There is a gap between seeing what we like in pictures and knowing how to achieve that for ourselves. Your Modern Cottage bridges the gap.