Project Description

New Home On Character Lot

Our client approached us needing to design a home that would preserve a large oak near the side and rear of the lot.  We were able to work with the Kiawah Island Architectural Review Board (ARB) levering our previous interactions to create a plan that not only safeguard the tree, but incorporated it to be a highlight of the natural landscape.   Special consideration was given to limit the encroachment into the root mass and to limit the height we were building under the tree limbs.  There is something so majestic and humbling when such an exquisite tree is a part of your daily interactions in your home.  You feel that that the home fits perfectly within its environment and has always having been there in perfect balance.

Building on a lot with character and natural considerations

We decided to locate the Owner’s Bedroom Deck adjacent to the tree for the direct water view and shade from the tree.

This is not our first time working with the Kiawah ARB on such considerations. This particular site challenge reminded me of a similar project back in 2017. Feel free to read that story, On The Boards: Site Considerations on Kiawah Island.