Garden and shed

The Community Garden and its cordwood shed today.

We revisited the garden last week and we were delighted! The shed looks wonderful, and the vines along the trellis gives shade and color. The garden beds are well used and the garden has expanded. The community clearly takes pride in its garden and there is very little vandalism.

It made my day to see it all looking so well!

Lessons Learned

These are the lessons I learned after revising the Community Garden:

  • Cordwood walls are truly beautiful.
  • Season your wood! Do not start until your wood is dry and ready.
  • Give yourself enough time, so you can enjoy the process as well as the result.
  • A community that takes pride in its facilities does not vandalize them. This garden is open to the public 24 hours a day, and there is very little theft from the garden beds, and very little vandalism to the building.
  • The trellised porch is a fine place to gather, or survey the view.

While there is no doubt the shed took longer to build than we thought, there is equally no doubt in my mind that it was worth it. This was the right choice for this site, and I would encourage you to consider cordwood for your next building.

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