Charleston Living Magazine logoCharleston Living Magazine details Rachel Burton and Swallowtail’s whole-house renovation of the Contemporary Beach Home project. Focusing on Swallowtails attention to detail and unique approach to understanding the clients need to create a family home that would accommodate a large dining room, new home office, and better-conceived space for the family to be together. A completely renovated kitchen and master bath added function and comfort to this Sullivan’s Island home.

“An engineer recommended that we give (Swallowtail) a call as we were preparing to renovate. (Burton’s) work came well-regarded,” Cindi Solomon says. “We found Rachel to be very capable and very detail-oriented. She was actually the only architect that we spoke to. We were confident in her approach, and considered her quite conscientious.”

Rachel’s connection and understanding of her clients is an essential part of Swallowtails success. In addition to implementing our proven design development process, we emphasize a thourough pre-design analysis to ensure we will deliver on building our client’s dream home in the beautiful South Carolina Low-country.

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