The variety of options in lighting has just exploded over the past decade with advances in LED (light-emitting diode) lighting technology.  Where lighting fixtures tended to be oriented around the location of the bulb and sockets and built out from there, now with LED, the light source is a much less important component.  Think of how innovative the design of “Sputnik” style lights was in the 1950s and 60s.  At the essence of this design, however, is still the location of the bulbs.  LED lighting has allowed our design imagination to expand beyond the restrictions of the bulb, giving us much more flexibility with the overall shape of the lighting fixtures.  The light source can now be much smaller.  It can also be curved.  It can provide uplight and downlight.  All of these options, along with the integration of new materials that have redefined the concept of the “shade,” has forever changed lighting for the better.  Now I still have a sweet spot in my heart for a good incandescent bulb and the soft, warm light emitted.  The Edison bulb will likely not ever go out of style and there is a world were the two can coexist.

We’re highlighting lighting options from the Beacon House project on Sullivan’s Island.  This project is one of my most recent favorites for lighting.  There are different fixtures in every room that work together to compliment the Low Country architecture of the home.  The individual light fixtures define the aesthetic for each room, and cohesively work together toward that modern coastal feel we wanted for the entire home.

Front entry hall with wood stained doors, custom light fixutres, dark wood floors and nickel gap wall treatments

Entry Foyer Chandelier with ‘Sea Glass’ Shade

Curved staircase in architect designed home on Sullivan's Island

Stairwell Chandelier with Coastal Appeal using Blue-tone Beads

View from the kitchen thru the Butler's kitchen to the formal dining room

Large-format Globes with Integrated-puck LED Lights in the Kitchen

Formal dining with coastal style, relaxed elegance with integrated wine storage cabinet and custom cabinets for linen storage

Modern, Asian-inspired Light in Coastal-Carolina Dining Room