5 Tips for Getting Approval from the Kiawah Island ARB

Guide Cover, Kiawah Island ARB Submission Guide

“Can I get what I really want without running into difficulties because my Kiawah lot has a grand oak tree/a clump of hickory trees/a change in topography that the Board wants me to keep?”  “Do I have to use such dark colors on the exterior of my Kiawah Island Home?”

The Kiawah Island ARB wants to ensure that your home design will fit in with the natural beauty of the island, but how do you get your perfect Kiawah Island home and live your dream? The solution is knowing how to avoid the most common mistakes that will get your design denied by the ARB. This is why we created the guide for people who are considering building a custom home on beautiful Kiawah Island. Building a custom home is a complex and unfamiliar process for those who haven’t been through it before–building a custom home on Kiawah Island is especially so. Not only does the coastal environment require special considerations, like extreme weather, but designing a home on Kiawah is about preserving the landscape and embracing the local community. Before you consider building a home on Kiawah Island you need to read our free guide, “5 Tips for Successful ARB Submittal on Kiawah Island.”

All home designs plans must be submitted for approval to the Kiawah Architectural Review Board (ARB). The ARB has the authority to deny your project if it doesn’t comply with certain guidelines. As Kiawah Island Architects, we’ve compiled advice and information from our vast experience with ARB submissions to share with our clients our best tips for achieving approval from the ARB. The last thing anyone wants is a project delay… so get it right the first time. Learn about the process and what team members and consultants you need in place when a custom home project goes through the Kiawah Island ARB process. Learn what details and information you must include on your drawings to even be considered for ARB approval.

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