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Residential Apartment Building

South Carolina Custom Residential Apartment Building

This three-story apartment building is part of a larger rental property.  The building is comprised of bachelor, one, two, and three bedroom apartments.  The interiors of each unit are designed to have an open feel with the kitchen and bedrooms on one end and a big open living space on the other.  The variety of unit sizes and the interesting layouts meet the needs of a wide variety of lifestyles.  All the apartments have a large window and a large covered porch-like balcony allowing the tenants to enjoy both their privacy as well as the sense of being part of a community.

The challenge posed by the building’s design was to find ways to reduce the visual impact of a monolithic structure while also creating privacy between the tenants in adjacent units.  We met this challenge by using porch-like balconies and windows in an alternating rhythm to break up the massing of the building and to maintain space between the units to create privacy.  We also used two colors on these bay projections to help vary the façade and to create movement.

Due to the building’s design, including the elimination of anonymous places and the creation of lots of visual relationships and connections between the spaces, the safety of the tenants and the security of the building have been ensured.  Despite the very low construction budget, this challenge was met by the design of a building with a lot of great features and amenities including well designed units and a good site plan that have made it an attractive place to live for the tenants and a fully rented property for the owner.